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By Pamela Steele, PhD
Laboratory scientists continue to strive toward achieving inter laboratory harmonization as elegantly examined by Drs. Miller and Myers in a recent NACB Blog.1  While the terminology of achieving equivalency may differ (e.g., combinability, comparability, normalization, harmonization), the concepts...(Read More)
By Pamela Banning, MT(ASCP)cm, PMP
We are often asked if the same LOINC® code indicates identical tests. This is a very relevant communications issue for achieving interoperability and meaningful use among laboratories, healthcare providers, and health information exchanges. It is important for the industry to understand that LOINC®...(Read More)
By William E. Winter, MD, and Roger L. Bertholf, PhD
​A colleague recently approached one of the authors with questions about the diagnosis of diabetes in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). Here are the questions:Q1. Can A1c be used to screen for diabetes in CF patients?Q2. Can an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) be run on a POCT instrument?Q3. Sh...(Read More)
By Brad S. Karon, MD, PhD, FACB
​If you are like me, about once per quarter you get a call or email from an internal medicine resident, critical care fellow, or someone else charged with leading a quality improvement project about a brilliant idea they had for improving the quality of care in the adult ICU.  “Lets draw all microt...(Read More)