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By Angela M. Ferguson, PhD
In 2006, the Laboratory Working Group of the National Kidney Disease Education Program (NKDEP) published recommendations to standardize serum creatinine measurements to improve the accuracy of the values reported by clinical laboratories (1).  By the end of 2009, most laboratories were using method...(Read More)
By Roland Valdes, Jr, PhD
In 2007, I was asked to chair the AACC’s Personalized Medicine Advisory Task Force. It was our job to advise the AACC on matters related to personalized medicine.  The first thing we needed was a definition of “personalized medicine.” After substantial deliberations we agreed that personalized medi...(Read More)
By Roger L. Bertholf, PhD
In 1986, President Ronald Reagan issued Executive Order 12564, which mandated a drug-free federal workplace. The concept was not new. The Department of Defense had established a program for detecting and punishing drug use among military personnel nearly 20 years earlier, during the Nixon administr...(Read More)
By William Winter, MD
A middle-aged woman was under the care of her physician for anemia. The following laboratory results were obtained at a time when the patient was not acutely ill.                             Patient results       Reference intervalsSerum iron             1400 ug/dL            42 -135 ug/dLTIBC   ...(Read More)