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By Callum Fraser, PhD
The MDRD (Modification of Diet in Renal Disease) Study equation is widely used to estimate glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and many laboratories report this every time a serum creatinine is requested. However, it has been widely reported that such calculated values underestimate GFR when creatin...(Read More)
By Patti Jones, PhD, FACB, and Jason Park, MD
Now days most laboratories are struggling with a new financial sink, the spiraling volume and exponentially spiraling costs of send out testing. A large majority of that growth can be directly attributed to new Molecular Diagnostic tests. In 2009, the molecular diagnostics industry grew 35%. Te...(Read More)
By Allan S. Jaffe, MD, FACB
There have been a multiplicity of recent articles in both acute coronary syndromes and heart failure indicating that high sensitivity assays for cardiac troponin provide additional diagnostic and prognostic information but may do so at the cost of specificity for the underlying diagnosis.  The pros...(Read More)
By David G. Grenache, PhD, FACB
Abbott Laboratories recently announced that it was ending production of its widely used fetal lung maturity test, the TDx FLM II, due to the retirement of their TDx and TDxFLx instrument platforms.  The impact of the loss of this test on the obstetrical and clinical laboratory communities remains...(Read More)
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