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By Linnea M. Baudhuin, PhD, DABMG
​Despite the many different clinical applications in the field of pharmacogenetics (PGx), the clinical uptake of pharmacogenetic testing has, for the most part, not yet met expectations. While not all potential PGx applications have robustly proven clinical utility, there are several tests which ha...(Read More)
By Uttam Garg, PhD, DABCC, DABFT, FACB
​Illicit drug abuse remains a significant problem.  Drug testing in biological specimens is the most common way to prove and deter drug abuse.  Urine is the most widely used matrix for drugs of abuse testing.   The advantages of urine specimen include that it is well known specimen, drugs concentra...(Read More)
By Donald H. Chace, PhD, MSFS, FACB
​Collection of a few drops of blood on filter paper from the heel of newborns has been the specimen of choice in neonatal screening laboratories for nearly 50 years.   Robert Guthrie pioneered the use of this sample collection device for detection of phenylketonuria (PKU).  The filter paper, which ...(Read More)
By Gregory J. Buffone, PhD
​Since the introduction of critical results reporting by Lundberg over 30 years ago certain issues have remained controversial to this day, at least at our institution, e.g., is it critical or is it simply medically important information?  And, if it’s medically important is the laboratory obligate...(Read More)