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By Douglas Stickle, PhD
Current standards of medical practice from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) (1) and the parallel guidelines from NACB (2) include relatively straightforward criteria for diagnosis of diabetes. Guidelines also include instructions and interpretations for the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT)...(Read More)
By Callum Fraser, PhD
Screening the asymptomatic population for significant colorectal neoplasia, that is, cancer and advanced adenomatous polyps (sometimes called high-risk or significant), has generated significant interest over recent years with national or regional pilots or programs being set up in all over the wor...(Read More)
By Gwen McMillin, PhD
In a clinical laboratory setting, drug testing is most commonly performed to compliment and improve patient care.  Drug testing results are used as a tool, along with other clinical data, behavioral monitoring, and self-report, for guiding how a patient is managed, and for assuring that “all is wel...(Read More)
By Douglas F. Stickle, PhD
 The American Chemical Society's Chemical & Engineering News recently had a cover story on use of filter paper bloodspots by big pharma, entitled "Drug development: dried blood spots could trump plasma" (1). The article followed two 2010 issues of the journal Bioanalysis that were dev...(Read More)
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