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By William Winter, MD
The patient was a teenage African American female with a 2-week history of polyuria and polydipsia. There was no weight loss or nausea. She also presented with bilateral pain in her lower extremities and chest pain. During transit by EMS, her capillary glucose measured with a point-of-care device w...(Read More)
By Michael Bennett, PhD
Once upon a time, certainly far enough back in time to when I was a young trainee, clinical mass spectrometry was regarded as an art form. The whole process carried such an air of mystery that most sensible clinical laboratorians did their best to avoid issues such as the complex, smelly and so...(Read More)
By Fritz F. Parl, MD, PhD
Ever since George Lundberg introduced the concept of critical laboratory values in the 1970s, medical technologists have considered it their duty to expeditiously validate and report these values by calling the respective patient units and reading the numbers to the caretaker. Critical value re...(Read More)
By W. Greg Miller, PhD, and Gary L. Myers, PhD
Clinical chemists have struggled for decades to achieve harmonized results for laboratory tests. Results from clinical laboratory measurement procedures must be equivalent to enable effective use of clinical guidelines for patient management. Unfortunately, some clinical practice guidelines bas...(Read More)
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