NACB: Pharmacogenetics

 The National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry

Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines

Guidelines and Recommendations for Laboratory Analysis and Application of Pharmacogenetics to Clinical Practice

Draft Guidelines, 1207
Draft Guidelines, (PDF)

Guidelines Committee:
Chair, Roland Valdes, Jr., PhD, DABCC, FACB
Vice Chairs, Deborah Payne, PhD, DABCC
Mark W. Linder, PhD, DABCC, FACB

Gil Burckart 

Daniel Farkas, PhD  
Felix Frueh, PhD  
Howard McLeod,Ph.D 
Jean-Pierre Morello, PhD 
Atik Rahman 
Gualberto Ruano, MD, PhD 
Les Shaw, PhD

Other contributing authors:

Saeed Jortani, PhD 
Werner Steimer, MD
Steven Wong, PhD 

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