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The National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry has held annual meetings each year since 1977 along with a number of other conferences. At the first annual meeting in 1977 in Chicago there was no symposium. However, beginning with the 1978 annual meeting and continuing through 1994, the Academy held symposia on major topics of clinical significance. All 17 of these symposia with the years presented, the topic, and the city are listed below. Beginning in 1995, the Academy replaced the Annual Symposia format with meetings to develop Standards of Laboratory Practice (SOLP). In 1999 the terminology of SOLP was replaced by Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines (LMPG). Starting in 1997 the SOLPs and LMPGs (with some exceptions as noted below) were held as EduTrak sessions at annual meetings of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. The NACB has also held other important conferences, although these were not Annual Symposia, SOLPs or LMPGs. These meetings are also listed in this index.

For some of these listed symposia or meetings, there is a linked pdf file of the entire program including the titles of the individual presentations, the speakers, sometimes the abstracts of their talks, and other information. Fellows who have copies of programs from any of these meetings, which do not have linked pdf files, are invited to mail them to the NACB Internet Coordinator so that they can be included. All original documents will be returned to the owner.



1978 Biochemical Aspects of Learning Disabilities San Francisco
1979 Nutritional Elements of Clinical Biochemistry New Orleans
1980 Biochemistry of Protein Structure and Function Boston
1981 Endocrine Basis of Disease Kansas City
1982 Cellular and Humoral Defense Against Disease Long Beach
1983 Clinical Biochemistry of Lipids New York
1984 Drug Mechanisms Washington
1985 Trace Metals in Disease Atlanta
1986 Biochemistry and Biology of Cancer Chicago
1987 The Biochemistry of Hypertension San Francisco
1988 Membrane Function and Dysfunction in Health and Disease New Orleans
1989 Diagnostic Applications of Nucleic Acid Probes in the Clinical Laboratory (1.7 MB) Toronto
1990 Diagnosis and Treatment of Inborn Errors of Metabolism San Francisco
1991 Advances in Clinical Laboratory Evaluation of Cartilage, Bone, and Systemic Rheumatic Diseases (2.0 MB) Washington
1992 Molecular Endocrinology: Current Concepts in Receptors, Growth Factors, and Signal Transduction Mechanisms (2.5 MB) Chicago
1993 The Decade of the Brain: Recent Developments in the Neurochemistry of Depression, Mania, and Other Mood Disorders New York
1994 Atherogenesis: Current Topics on Etiology and Risk Factors (1.8 MB) New Orleans
1995 Standards of Laboratory Practice: Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Thyroid Disease
(50 MB -
available on request)
1996 Standards of Laboratory Practice: Guidelines for the Evaluation and Management of the Newborn Infant (2.6 MB) Chicago
1997 Standards of Laboratory Practice: Guidelines for Atlanta Maintaining a Modern Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Service (8.1 MB) Atlanta
1998 Standards of Laboratory Practice: Guidelines for the Analytical Performance and Clinical Utility of Tumor Markers (248 kb) Rye Brook, NY
1998 Standards of Laboratory Practice: Recommendations for the Use of Cardiac Markers in Coronary Artery Diseases (held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Clinical Ligand Assay Society) Chicago
1999 Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines: Laboratory Guidelines for Screening, Diagnosis and Monitoring of Hepatic Injury New Orleans
2000 Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines: Guidelines and Recommendations for Laboratory Analysis in the Diagnosis and Management of Diabetes Mellitus San Francisco
2001 Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines: Recommendations for the Use of Laboratory tests to Support the Impaired and Overdosed Patient from the Emergency Department Chicago
2002 Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines: Maternal-Fetal Risk Assessment and Reference Values in Pregnancy Orlando
2002 Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines (Update): Laboratory Support for the Diagnosis of Thyroid Disease (special evening session held at the annual meeting of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry) Orlando
2003 Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines: Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Markers Philadelphia
2004 Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines (Update): Cardiac Markers: Establishing Guidelines and Improving Results (26th Arnold O. Beckman Conference) (439 kb) Boston
2004 Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines: Evidence Based Practice for POCT Los Angeles
1994 Conference on Factors Affecting Point-of-Care Testing (May 6-7, 1994; the citation to the published proceedings is: Seamonds, B., Medical, Economic, and Regulatory Factors Affecting Point-of-Care Testing, Clin Chim Acta 249:1-19, 1996) Philadelphia
1997 Integrating Point-of-Care Testing with Continuity of Care: Effects on Outcome (September 19-20, 1997) (234 kb) Philadelphia
2000 Connecting the Laboratory to the Electronic Medical Record (275 kb) (September 15-16, 2000, proceedings published by NACB on a CD) Philadelphia
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