NACB: Archived LMPG

NACB Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines remain in the published section of our web site, available for download and purchase, for 5 years after initial publication. This is consistent with the policy of the National Guidelines Clearinghouse which includes NACB guidelines in their repository. Five years after publication, if the guidelines have not been reviewed and updated, the documents are determined to be out of print and are archived on the NACB website.

The purpose of archiving the guidelines is to provide a historical record of NACB publications and allow access to guidelines which may have historical significance or current relevance.

Each of the following links will take you directly to the site of an LMPG that is more than five years old.  

Archived LMPGs 

Point-of-Care Testing 2007 Online Purchase
Maternal-fetal Risk Assessment 2006 Online Purchase
Emergency Toxicology 2005 Online Purchase
Diabetes Mellitus 2002 Online
Thyroid Disease: Diagnosis and Monitoring 2002 Online Purchase


Historical LMPGs

  • Hepatic Injury  2000
  • Cardiac Markers  1999 
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring  1999 
  • Evaluation and Managment of Newborns  1998
  • Nutritional Status  1994
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