Norman Kubasik Award

Norman P. Kubasik Lectureship Award
The Kubasik Lectureship Award was instituted in 1991 by the AACC Upstate New York Section in memory of Dr Norman P. Kubasik, Director of Chemistry at the Genesee Hospital in Rochester, NY. The award is presented annually at the fall meeting to an individual who exemplifies Dr Kubasik's interest in education, in teaching and in supporting young technologists and investigators, or to someone with a reputation as an outstanding scientist in a discipline related to clinical chemistry. The award consists of an honorarium ($500), a clock, and a plaque.



Awardee and Lecture Title


Not Awarded


Corinne R. Fantz, PhD (Atlanta, GA)
Connecting patients with their lab results via patient portals: Opportunities and Controversies


Jack H. Ladenson, PhD (St. Louis, MO)
Experiences with Heart and Brain Biomarkers


Daniel W. Chan, PhD (Baltimore, MD)
Tumor Markers: Past, Present and Future


Michael Laposata, M.D., Ph.D (Nashville, TN): Laboratory Tests in the Diagnosis of Bleeding and Thrombotic Disorders




Larry A. Broussard, Ph.D (New Orleans, LA): The Clinical Toxicology Laboratory's Role in Rock and Roll Heaven


Nader Rifai, PhD (Boston, MA)
Laboratory Issues in hs-CRP Evaluation




David B. Sacks, MD, MB, ChB, FRCPath, FACB (Boston, MA) Diabetes 2006: The role of the laboratory



Carl A. Burtis, PhD (Oak Ridge, TN)
The History of the Future of the Clinical Laboratory


Fred A. Apple, PhD (Minneapolis, MN)
Cardiovascular Disease – Science and Cardiac Marker Guidelines


Roland Valdes, Jr. PhD (Louisville, KY)
Pharmacogenomics in Laboratory Medicine


D. Joe Boone, PhD (Atlanta, GA)
Is it Safe to Have a Laboratory Test?


David E. Bruns, MD (Charlottesville, VA)
Evidence-Based Laboratory Medicine: Why is it Relevant?


Robert H. Christenson, PhD (Baltimore, MD)
Use of Biochemical Markers for Assessment of Coronary Syndromes


George Klee, MD (Rochester, MN)
Thyroid disease


Eleftherios Diamandis, MD (Toronto, ONT)
Tumor Markers


Larry J. Kricka, DPhil (Philadelphia, PA)
Ultrasensitive Immunoassay Methods


Graham Ellis, PhD (Toronto, ONT)
How the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory can Help the Pediatric Endocrinologist to Assess Children's Growth


David M. Goldberg, MD, PhD (Toronto, ONT)
Biochemical Mechanism for the Cardioprotective Effect of Alcoholic Beverages


Theodore Peters, PhD (Cooperstown, NY)


Leslie M. Shaw, PhD (Philadelphia, PA)
Monitoring Cyclosporine Immunosupressive Therapy


Laurence M. Demers, PhD (Hershey, PA)
The Value of Tumor Associated Antigens

Norman P. Kubasik, PhD (1942-1991)

Norman Kubasik attended Rochester Institute of Technology, received his Bachelor of Science Degree from State University College of Fredonia (1965), and received his Doctorate in Biochemistry (1970) from SUNY Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse. Norm was the Director of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Services at Genesee Hospital, Rochester, up to the time of his death early in 1991. He was affiliated with many associations and colleges including being the Chairman of the Rochester Hospital Association of Clinical Chemists, an Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Professor of Clinical Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology. In addition to his many affiliations he received the Somogyi-Sendroy Award for distinguished contributions in 1989 from the Upstate NY AACC. His laboratory interests focused primarily on endocrinology and immunoassay and he traveled widely as a consultant for diagnostic products at many universities and hospitals world-wide.

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