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One third of AACC's membership lives outside of the US and includes members from over 100 different countries. To help serve the global membership AACC partners with the IFCC and local organizations throughout the world to conduct eduational programing.

Through AACC’s philanthropic branch, the Directed Donations Program, AACC provides 5-year membership grants to those who could not otherwise have access to AACC. These memberships include AACC’s flagship journal, Clinical Chemistry, two Division memberships, and a copy of Tietz Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics, 5th Edition and My Life: From Refugee to Teacher & Scientist - Living the American Dream, Expanded Edition by Professor Norbert W. Tietz. In addition, books and other education resources are made available to grant recipients. These international membership grants are made possible by the generous contributions of Jerry and Sandy Gallwas, the Wilding Family Foundation, and Scherago International.

Gerry & Sandy Gallwas with Wei Guo (Zhongshan Hospital Shanghai) during their Dec. 2010 visit 

Gerry & Sandy Gallwas with Wei Guo (Zhongshan Hospital Shanghai) during their Dec. 2010 visit

AACC’s International efforts also include providing International Travel Grants to laboratorians outside of the USA so that they can attend the AACC Annual Meeting and partnering with other clinical laboratory organizations around the globe to help advance clinical laboratory science worldwide.

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Want to travel to the U.S. to attend the AACC Annual Meeting? Hear how this 2011 International Travel Grant Recipient did it.​