Subir Kumar Das

Subir Kumar Das

Membership to American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) is milestone to me, my colleagues and my Institute. I am enjoying enormous benefits from it. Clinical Chemistry, the Official Journal of AACC with impact factor above 7; bringing out the latest update in clinical chemistry, laboratory and molecular medicine. Being member, I am not only receiving the journal, but also getting access of selected article(s) in electronic version immediately after publication. My colleagues and students associated with Clinical Laboratory Services also enable to utilize the latest information whenever they want through me. Clinical Laboratory News, another source of information on Laboratory Services is also available on-line; and also equally bearing important information in the related field. These help us in improving Patient Care Services and study designing.

Any News items, information(s), fortnightly-published e-News Letter are regularly keep me in touch with AACC via e-mail. ‘Mentor of the month’ (by SYCL) and ‘Meet our Member’ (by AACC) are really inspiring. In addition, a number of books provided by AACC are very much informative and helped me in teaching and research designing.

I had a dream to interact with leading Renowned Scientists working in Clinical Chemistry worldwide. This became true by receiving International Travel Grant to attend 2006 Annual Meeting of AACC, in Chicago, Illinois. I wish to attend and interact with leading Scientists in future also. Lastly, through Van Slyke Foundation Research Grant under Point-of-Care Testing Division, I could initiate research, which might have beneficial effect in monitoring disease progression.

All these achievements would not be possible without a generous support from Van Slyke Foundation. I am indebted to Van Slyke Foundation for my professional achievement. I am very much grateful to Van Slyke Foundation and would like to receive such support in future also.

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