Zita Kucinskiene, MD, PhD

First of all I would like to thank you for the possibility to apply for the AACC Gallwas membership, which I became in August, 2002. This was an event, which helped me a lot in my career:

  • Being the member of the AACC helped me in getting the getting the literature and the latest news on various laboratory medicine problems. All this information is being used for preparing lectures, so the information is being spread more widely among the students, residents 
  • My selected division was “Lipoproteins and vascular diseases” and it correlates with my research, which is concentrated on the investigation of the ethiopathogenetic mechanisms of atherosclerosis, including biochemical, infectious, immunological, genetic markers; so being the AACC member helped me to get the latest information on this problem, which is again spread in the form of seminars for the master degree and PhD students.
  • Being the director of the Center of Laboratory Diagnostics of Vilnius University Hospital, I am interested in problems associated with management, future trends in laboratory medicine. During this period of time laboratory has changed a lot, our society - the Lithuanian Society of Laboratory Medicine, is the member of the IFCC. I had a possibility to participate in some conferences, congresses, e.g. Oak Ridge conference in Baltimore in April, 2005.

What we really need – this is the possibility to get more literature: textbooks, methodological literature, etc. This is basic for the education not only of students, residents, but also for the professionals, working in the laboratories.

I would like to thank you all once more for the invaluable possibility to be the AACC Gallwas member.

As far as my AACC Gallwas membership has ends in 2006, for the year 2007 I became the AACC member, paying its dues. So I hope to get all the information as I did earlier.

Thank you once more and all success in the year 2007!

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