Dr. Than Than Htwe


American Association for Clinical Chemistry

International Advisory Group

Survey of Gallwas Grant recipients


Name: Dr.Than Than Htwe

Nationality: Myanmar

Work address: University Kuala Lumpur- Royal College of Medicine, Perak, Malaysia

Type of facility: Semi government

Year Gallwas grant was awarded: 2002


Overall view:


1.      AACC membership has benefited my practice of laboratory medicine: agree

2.      AACC membership has helped me improve the quality of laboratory practice: agree

3.      AACC membership has been useful to me in teaching/ training medical students/ laboratory physicians/ scientists: agree

4.      I have implemented new developments based on what I have learned as AACC member : agree

5.      I often share the benefits of AACC membership with colleagues: agree


AACC membership has benefited my work in the last 2 years:


        Better access to current information ( Clinical Chemistry): Yes

        Ability to network with other laboratory doctors and scientists: Yes

        Improved dialogue with clinicians: Yes

        Access to electronic resources ( AACC online, Clinical Chemistry online, e - conferences): Yes

        Discount on publications: yes

        Discount on meetings: No

        Divisional activities: No


My membership in other laboratory medicine or clinical societies:


1.      Member of Australian Institute of Medical Scientists

2.      Member of Myanmar Association of Clinical Pathologist

3.      Member of Myanmar Medical Council

4.      Member of Malaysian Medical council


What opportunities have you had to publicise AACC membership in your country

        Presentations: No

        Journal articles: Yes

        Articles in Society Newsletler or on the Internet: No

        Teaching : Yes

        Personal recommendations: Yes




I am a member of:

-Molecular Pathology ( Division 1)

- Clinical and Diagnostics Immunology ( Division 2)

For Division 1 above: Membership of this Division has been useful to me: yes

For Division 2 above: Membership of this Division has been useful to me: yes


The AACC Annual Meeting:


Have you attended the AACC Annual Meeting in the last 2 years: No


Clinical Chemistry journal

-       Read selected articles and store for reference: Yes

-       Approximately how many people have access to my copy of Clinical Chemistry: 8-10

-       Share the journal with a library :Yes


Your job


Percentage of your work time is spent in the following activities:

- Performing laboratory test                    5%

- Reporting/ interpretation/ advice           5%

- Laboratory management                     10%

- Research                                            30%

- Teaching                                            50%

- Patients care                                        0%

- Other                                                   0%

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