Snezana Jovicic

In the past year, my work was in great part influenced with the Gallwas membership grant and the subscription for Clinical Chemistry Journal. It helped me and my colleagues in improving our every day work in health service, as a part of our Institute’s activities. Also, beside myself, there are more young colleagues involved in scientific and research activity of the Institute. The subscription for Clinical Chemistry allowed us the insight in all the latest achievements in the field of clinical chemistry. The Clinical Chemistry Journal is the irreplaceable source of references essential for our research. Also, the book by Dr. Laposata brought us the new perspective of laboratory medicine.

My personal work in the past year started with the publication of my paper in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine Journal in February:

Jovicic S, Ignjatovic S, Dajak M, Majkic-Singh N. Analytical performance and clinical efficacy for cardiovascular risk estimation of an Olympus immunotrubidimetric high-sensitivity C-reactive protein assay. Clin Chem Lab Med 2006;44(2):228-231.

I was also the co-author on two posters at two international symposiums:

Dopsaj V, Dopsaj M, Sumarac Z, Novakovic N, Jovicic S. Iron status parameters of elite young water polo players after the competition seasons. Rev Port Cien Desp 2006;6(supl 1):81.

Simic-Ogrizovic S, Dopsaj V, Jovicic S, Milenkovic D, Jovanovic D, Nesic V. Which is the most important factor for active urinary stone formation in patients with urolithiasis? XVIII Danube Symposium of Nephrology, September 26-30, 2006; Abstract Book:146.

At the 14th Meeting of Balkan Clinical Laboratory Federation, held in Sofia, Bulgaria, 26-30 September 2006, I had an oral presentation:

Jovicic S, Ignjatovic S, Majkic-Singh N. Application of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein in cardiovascular risk assessment for primary prevention. Balkan Journal of Clinical Laboratory, XIII, 06, 1.

Finally, I presented two posters, and was co-author on one, at two national congresses with international participation:

XV Congress of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine and IV Congress of Pharmacy.

Jovicic S, Ignjatovic S, Majkic-Singh N. Comparison of two different methods for cardiovascular risk assessment: Framingham risk score and SCORE system. Jugoslov Med Biohem 2006;25(4):464-5.

Jovicic S, Ignjatovic S, Majkic-Singh N. Correlation between high-sensitivity C-reactive protein and total, HDL and LDL cholesterol and cardiovascular risk assessment algorithm. Arh farm 2006;56:672-3.

Kangrga R, Ignjatovic S, Dajak M, Jovicic S, Majkic-Singh N. Relationship between serum transferrin concentration and the total iron-binding capacity. Arh farm 2006;56:670-1.

In the year 2006, I successfully finished first year of specialist studies in medical biochemistry. Considering my postgraduate studies, they were influenced by recent changes in educational system in Serbia. Because of the adaptation of our educational system with the European standards and Bologna convention, postgraduate studies for M. Sci. on the Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade were transformed to PhD studies. The students on M.Sci. studies were automatically transferred to PhD studies and I was among them. Therefore, I am currently on 2nd year of PhD studies in medical biochemistry.

All of my work during the past year was considerably influenced by the Gallwas membership and Clinical Chemistry Journal. It was a stimulus for me to work harder. Thank you for your support.

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