Robyn Devenish

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gallwas,Robyn Devenish

I would like to convey my thanks for the continuing support of the Galwass award.

In my current position as Laboratory advisor for the National Institute of Public Health Laboratory (NIPHL) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia it is extremely useful to have membership to the AACC.

The standard of Laboratory Medicine in Cambodia is gradually improving, but up to date journals are rarely available. I look forward to receiving the Journal of Clinical Chemistry every month, and enjoy keeping myself up to date with current scientific findings. I am of course then able to share the journal with my Cambodian colleagues at the NIPHL.

I am currently working with the laboratory staff to assist them to gain ISO 15189 Laboratory Accreditation.

Most of the quality laboratory management systems are in place but it will be a very big job to write up all the documentation that is required.

Another major achievement has been the introduction of coagulation testing at the NIPHL. This has meant for the first time in Cambodia, Hemophiliacs can be correctly diagnosed. Previously most cases have died at a young age from uncontrolled bleeding or wrongly treated with TB drugs for the swollen knee joints caused by haemarrthrosis. Below is a photo of me and my Cambodian colleagues with whom I worked to set up the diagnosis and treatment for Hemophilia in Cambodia. One of the team is a pediatric hematologist, who can treat and manage the cases.

In 2007, I hope to work with the laboratory staff at the National Pediatric Hospital in Phnom Penh, to improve their skills in diagnostic laboratory medicine and set up quality laboratory systems.

I am very grateful for your continuing support of my work in Cambodia.

Sincerely and with warmest regards.

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