American Association for Clinical Chemistry
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Naoufel Nabli

The Clinical Chemistry Journal represents the thickest contribution of my statute as an AACC member. The journal is more and more used by students (4 post–doc and 2 undergraduate student this year) and biologists (3) of the laboratory, it is specially used for bibliographic search for the different works of research. As an AACC member, I could also be informed of the different novelties in Clinic Biochemistry. After my involvement to the yearly congress of AACC in 2005, I could not participate unfortunately in the congress of 2006. I intend to participate in the one of 2008. I also regret that the trainings and on line seminars of the AACC are paying, what remains impossible to adjust from my country TUNISIA.

I also hope that my Gallwas member will be conducted for the next five years.