Liudmila Ivanova (Russia)

I am Liudmila Ivanova, the quality manager by North West Medical Center of Evidenced Based Medicine.

In 2006 I visited Annual Meeting of AACC in Chicago. I listened to very interesting lectures, especially about quality control. There I had poster: ‘Split sample approach to harmonize results of laboratory investigations in North West region of Russia’. In 2007 my colleagues and I send abstract: ‘Use and results of questionnaires in quality management’.

My laboratory was open in February 2006. Now we have 3,000 samples in day. The information, which I take in you magazines and by e-mail help me in my work.

The members of AACC visited my laboratory as a better in St. Petersburg. I sent several photo about it.

Thank the Gallwas center for you help of development laboratory service in the world.

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