Dr. Lina Korovskaya

2006 was outstanding year for my AACC Gallwas membership. We created a real bridge between AACC and RAMLD (Russian Association for Medical Laboratory Diagnostics). AACC Management Science Division and Molecular Pathology Division supported two Annual All-Russian meeting in Moscow (October 2006) and St.-Petersburg (May 2006).

Management Science Division arranged 2 lectures of AACC speakers Carl Garber and Leroy Mell in Russian Annual meeting “National Days for Laboratory Medicine” in Moscow, October 2006. 2 presentations of Carl C. GarberOverview of CLIA 88 Regulations, and Leroy Mell Management And Economics For The Medical Laboratory” were interpreted to Russian and put into webpage http://www.ramld.ru for all laboratory physicians in Russian Federation.

Members of AACC Molecular Pathology Division: Steven Wong, Pauline Lau and Robert Dworschack, presented very qualified lectures for 10th Russian Forum «Immunology Days in St.Petersburg» in May 2006 in St.-Petersburg. http://www.imdays.spb.ru/english.htm.

During 2 meetings in Moscow and St.-Petersburg Chair of IAG Professor Pauline Lau, Chair of AACC Molecular Pathology Division Professor Steven Wong, ex - Chair of MSD Professor Carl Garber and Dr. Robert Dworschack visited my Laboratory in Pavlov State Medical University, laboratory of another AACC Gallawas Grant recipient Dr.Liudmila Ivanova in Medical Center of Evidenced Based Medicine and laboratory of AACC Taravel Grant recipient 2006 Tatiana Lobachevskaya in Medexpress-service clinic in St.-Petersburg. AACC colleagues could see how we implement our knowledge to real life.

I use AACC web page for my seminars with medical students and training course for Laboratory physicians.

Collaboration with AACC allows me develop my research study in Management Science in Lab Medicine. I prepared 3 presentations on this topic in Russian Conferences and 2 presentations in International conferences. Clinical Chemistry Journal and AACC bookstore help me in my professional life. I submitted an abstract with last results of my study for AACC Annual meeting 2007 in San Diego.

My colleagues and I continue to develop future plans of collaboration with AACC. We are preparing now AACC session in 11th Russian Forum «Immunology Days in St.-Petersburg», Russia (May 28 – 31, 2007) and “National Days for Laboratory Medicine” in Moscow, October 2007.

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