Karl Tomberg

I have been awarded an AACC Gallwas membership grant since 2005.

Gallwas Grant has given our laboratory the possibility to read the journal Clinical Chemistry and keep in contact with the latest developments and news in laboratory medicine. Clinical Chemistry is the first regular international journal in the Laboratory of North Estonia Regional Hospital.

We are regularly circulating Clinical Chemistry in the sections of clinical chemistry, haematology, immunology and haematopathology. Doctors and specialists have the possibility to take copies of the relevant articles and use the knowledge in their work and teaching residents and other colleagues. I have also been circulating the electronic copies of the articles to the specialist dealing with the specific topic. In addition the journal is a source of information about new literature.

I have also been following AACC eNews and circulating it to the senior doctors of the laboratory.

In summary Gallwas grant is of great value to me and my colleagues.
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