Jagannadha Rao Peela III

I had been issued AACC member ship September 2005 effecting from January 2006. I had obtained membership by Galwass Grants by American Association of Clinical Chemistry. I got the membership while I was working for Ministry of Health Hospital of Saudi Arabia as specialist in Biochemistry. I am receiving the Clinical Chemistry Journal and getting more knowledge about clinical chemistry and refreshing myself. As a member of clinical chemistry the membership was useful in several ways while I was working there. I conducted several seminars in King Khaled General Hospital, Hafr Al Batin, Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia. There were more than 30 lab personnel and 9 Lab specialists including Histopathology, Haematology, Microbiology, Serology and Biochemistry. I taught so many latest developments to them because of the knowledge I gained through clinical chemistry journals through my membership. It was very useful to me, my colleagues and my subordinate staff members.

Regularly I am receiving the AACC news bulletin in my e-mail and knowing all the latest news about clinical chemistry subject world wide. I am very fortunate to say that I got membership in NACB in February 2006 because I am the member of AACC.

Presently I am working as faculty member of the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, GARYOUNIS UNIVERSITY, Benghazi, Libya. Here I am teaching Biochemistry to undergraduates of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dental and public health. I am also involved in teaching post graduates of biochemistry and helping their research work. Here I was attached to Hospital Laboratory to maintain and manage the lab work.

I strongly believe that it will be very much helpful to me if I continue my membership as clinical chemistry personnel. As faculty member in the university's faculty of medicine, I am supporting and supervising the post graduates of the department in the following research works:

a. The inflammatory response in Mild and Severe Psoriasis

b. Biomarkers of inflammation in Acute Coronary Syndrome

c. Membrane function markers following Ischemic/Reperfusion injury in experimental Rat Testicular Torsion

d. Inflammatory markers and Hypercholestremia in patients receiving Kidney Transplant

e. Association between body Iron stores and risk of Cardiovascular disease

f. Genetic and Biological profile of Breast Cancer in Young Female Libyan patient

I think that it is very helpful to my students also in their work with the knowledge gained through my membership. This year I had submitted an abstract to the annual meeting 2007 through OASIS. Top

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