Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Son

My warm greetings from Vietnam!

The AACC Gallwas membership is always an interesting resource for me and my colleagues. In 2006, the Hanoi Health Department has nominated me Senior Scientific Adviser of the City Project of Organisation of the Centre of Laboratory Medicine of Hanoi, the biggest one of this City until to-day. The information and knowledge gained through the Journal Clinical Chemistry and the exchanges of experiences with the AACC colleagues are very useful for me in preparing and discussing this Project which will be realized in mid-2007.

I have presented the lectures on Nanodiagnostics, on Proteomics in the Faculty of Medicine, and have written one article on Nanotechnology in the Journal "’Medical and Pharmaceutical Information’, No 11/2006. The Clinical Chemistry issues have been always shared with my colleagues, because in Hanoi, we can't read them in the Medical Libraries of the Faculty of Medicine or in other Medical Institutions.

I believe that the AACC Gallwas membership is very interesting and fruitful for my work.

I express my gratitute to the AACC and the Gallwas Membership Committee.
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