Hoang Thu Ha

2006 is a special year for me. I have much updated my knowledge in clinical biochemistry. The Clinical Chemistry journal is always an interesting information resource for me and my colleagues. The exchanges of experiences with the AACC colleagues (through AACC website) are very useful for me in developing new tests in my lab : blood gases, tumor markers: AFP, CEA, PSA, Insuline, CA 19-9, hormones T3, TSH, fT4, hsCRP. I have presented the lectures on Quality Control, Laboratory Automation in the seminars of the hospitals of HaNoi. As the member of the AACC Gallwas membership, I could share the very rare books and CDs in VietNam , ordered via the AACC store.

I believe that the AACC Gallwas membership is quite fruitful for me and my colleagues. I express my gratitude to the AACC and the Gallwas Membership Committee.

Thank you very much and best wishes for the New Year 2007.

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