H Weerawarna

The Gallwas membership gave me confidence to carry out my routine duties efficiently as the Clinical Biochemist attached to the Department of Pathology, National Hospital of Sri Lanka.

This hospital has undertaken to expand the service provided for the diabetic population and to establish diagnostic facilities for the diabetic clinic. The test repertoire was expanded to include the test required for the long-term management of diabetes by introducing glycohaemoglobin and urine micro albumin. An automatic analyzer has been purchased to handle the increasing workload. In this endeavor, my updated knowledge on automation was very useful to select the proper analyzer which utilizes micro volumes of reagents to reduce the cost per test.

As in previous years, I was able to run the biochemistry service cost effectively with the allocated budget, as one of my major concerns is to provide a cost effective clinical biochemistry diagnostic service. As, this hospital I am serving, has to provide the service free of charge, I have to understand the difference between private sector hospitals where the introduction of any new test will become a profit making venture whereas in the government sector, introduction of any new test means an additional expenditure and therefore, a prior allocation has to be obtained for the purpose. Therefore, proper planning in time is required if the newly introduced service has to be continued.

Use of locally prepared reagents for automatic analyzer, as a cost serving measure, is being continued during this year, too. In addition, locally prepared regents were used in the automatic analyzer for urine micro albumin using immuno turbidimetric method.

The assignment which I have undertaken to serve as a panel member for the registration of medical devices has been continued and during this year 87 devices were registered.

The teaching assignment, which I have undertaken were continued for certificate of Medical Laboratory Technology and Diploma in Pathology courses in clinical biochemistry component. The workshop on 'Long term management of diabetes' which was conducted with the help of the Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists was successful and participants were able to get hands-on experience on imuno turbidimetric method of urine micro albumin using reagents composed by me.

Registration of Sri Lanka Association for Clinical Chemistry under company act of Sri Lanka has been initiated as the secretary of the association and the registration will be completed by March 2007 for the purpose of affiliating with the Asian Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemistry.

It is worthwhile to mention that because of the agitations implemented as the secretary of the Association of Government Scientific Officers, from January 2006 all the government scientists are now enjoying higher salaries and better promotional prospectus.

The Gallwas membership encouraged me and supported me to perform all these activities and I take this opportunity to thank the AACC for awarding this valuable membership to me.

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