Eduardo Luis Freggiaro

The Gallwas Grant is a great opportunity for people from developing countries to get an AACC membership. The economical situation makes the access to a membership very difficult in Latin American countries, especially in Argentina.

The Clinical Chemistry journal is an excellent option for me to keep myself and some colleagues on the loop. In my faculty (Facultad de Farmacia y Bioquímica, Universidad de Buenos Aires) several editions are lost or not available. This situation becomes a big barrier to read a paper which is of your interest. So far I have a five years collection of the journal and some colleagues known that, so when the library does not have a number I share my collection with them. That’s the reason why I‘m thinking of donating the complete collection to the faculty library.

It seems there were some logistics issues with some shipments last year. I did not receive some numbers. I send a complaint to AACC in July and respond to me saying that the pending numbers should be arriving soon, but they have not arrived so far.

For my clinical laboratory work the CLN is amazing. I enjoy a lot reading it. We have many regulatory and health problems in Argentina and it is very interesting to compare our situation against the US perspective.

As Gallwas Member I received an invitation to apply to a travel award to attend the AACC meeting. I sent my documentation last year and I have been honored with this award. Travel to the AACC meeting is a great chance to meet people from US and others countries of the world. The sessions and the conferences were very helpful for me, but the most important experience was the possibility to talk in the aisles with colleagues working in similar fields of clinical chemistry.

Last year I had the honor to present my works in Helicobacter pylori infection during the poster session. When I returned to Argentina a group of colleagues organized a meeting to talk about my experience at the AACC meeting.

As AACC member I chose participate in two divisions, Clinical and Diagnostic Immunology Division and Laboratory Information Systems and Medical Informatics Division. Actually I still do not have a very intensive participation in these divisions. I think that these divisions are not so opened to new members (and especially from others countries) or I have a passive attitude and do not ask about how can I contribute. I limited my participation to read the newsletters.

Is very difficult to express all the benefices that the membership gave me, in simple words I change my perspective of clinical chemistry. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

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