Aurelian Udristioiu

Dr. Aurelian Udristioiu; MD, working as clinical laboratory scientist, Gallwas Member AACC since January 2002,with ID #76664, I inform you that like as Gallwas-Member AACC, I benefited in my practice of laboratory medicine by followings:

  • AACC membership has helped me to improve the quality of laboratory practice

  • AACC membership has been myself to see teaching learning from medical laboratory physicians` scientists

  • I had implemented new developments based on what I learned as a Member AACC. To my place of work, County Hospital Tg-Jiu, Romania.

I often shared the benefits of AACC membership with my colleagues from our Laboratory.

Like as membership AACC I had benefited in my work of followings:

  • I have had better access to current information at Clinical Chemistry and I used this Journal for to read selected article in my field of activity, Hematology and Biochemistry and to send for to be published my work of researches;

  • I had better ability to network with other laboratory doctors and scientists from another country which have had quality of AACC Member Gallwas;

  • I improved dialogues with clinicians to my place of work

  • I had access to electronic resources ( AACC Online Clinical Chemistry Online E-Conferences ,Audio-conference AACC, etc.),discounts on meetings, Divisional branches., being member in Clinical Diagnostic Immunology and Laboratory Information System

  • I had opportunities, in my country, to study and to present works of information about articles published in ‘Clinical Chemistry’ to Conferences from Romanian Society of Laboratory Medicine (SRLM), new-letters on the Internet, teaching my residents from our County Hospital Tg-Jiu being Director of Laboratories and writing Recommendations from my Colleagues for to become new members in AACC.

  • I became a Recipient International Travel Grant/ in 2004/07/25-29/, being invited to Annual Meeting ,Los Angeles, CA, as winner and for two time a new Award International Travel Grant in 07/25-29/2005 to Annual Meeting AACC from Orlando, FL

Also I am a membership in other laboratory medicine or clinical societies, with active roles.

1) The Romanian Society for Clinical Engineering and Medical Computing, Bucharest, since 1991;

2) The Romanian Society of Laboratory Medicine SRML, since 1992;

3) Member in Romanian Association of Clinical Laboratories founded in 2004;

4) Director of Clinical Laboratories from County Hospital Tg-Jiu, since 1998 until present time;

5) Member AACC-Gallwas, since 2002 until present time, ID #76664;

6) Membership Professional in American Association of Scientific Clinical Laboratories ( ASCL );

7) Also I became The Fellow Member NACB/2005 to AACC Meeting Orlando, FL.

I attended to AACC Annual Meeting from Philadelphia in 2003/20-25//07, without any sponsor or a Grant, only by proper my salary from government hospital, individual, because of my passion of research in clinical laboratory.

Every time I found all Conference AACC very interesting and I found useful by my participation at:

  • lectures/edutraks, workshops, round tables, Posters

  • Exhibits, contacts with industry personal, meetings with other laboratory workers, remaining with great impressions, beautifully ,wining and a good experience in problems of management laboratories

Finally, after I wrote by E-mail to my colleagues from my country about very interesting Conferences in Annual Meeting AACC, I hope so that AACC must have more Romanian members and more much attendance to next AACC Annual Meeting from San Diego, in 07/15-19/2007.

I have already previously Statements 2003/2004/2005/2006 that I didn’t have enough financial funds for to attend at Annual Meetings AACC and for 2007 year to attend at the AACC Meeting from San Diego.

Many thanks to AACC and specially for the Van Slyke Foundation for the all my scientific benefits.
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