Angela Godwin

As a clinical laboratorian, the Gallwas Membership has benefited me and my laboratory immensely in this short period. Becoming a member of the AACC was a far fetched dream for me and it is still a pleasant experience in my second year.

The membership to the AACC through the Gallwas grant has helped me by first gaining access to the journal which is a pride in our department here at Saudi Arabia and when this has been covered by my colleagues here will be a permanent part of my previous work place that is the Manipal College of Medical Sciences library at Nepal, which will be a great asset to them. Though it will reach them annually it will be part of their medical library helping undergraduates, postgraduates and staff from the department of biochemistry. This way I am sure I can contribute a part of my Gallwas membership to my colleagues at Nepal.

This has also given me an opportunity to access the AACC program and its services. As a laboratory practitioner and research assistant in a developing country, it is without any doubt also to benefit with free textbooks which are extremely valuable assets of reference and is an integral part of my reading as well as reference for our laboratory here. It is also a critical point that AACC takes care of knowledge development of scientists in underprivileged foreign countries.

I do have a few suggestions for the AACC for improvement as follows:

a. If possible through the monitoring of IP logging a few developing countries can log in free to access academic material from the site. (eg HINARI systems);

b. More sponsored training or workshops (especially in recent chemistry techniques) as a hands on experience will be beneficial than an internet dialogue in our countries;

c. The presence of the AACC and Clinical Chemistry in the Gulf is also at its infancy and it is through this membership that a few in this area are aware of such a society for Clinical Chemistry and laboratory medicine and I would suggest to appoint a region specific representative for coordinating a promoting events in different areas around the world.

I feel sure this has been a very valuable experience for me which allows me to share my ideas through my membership, share the membership within underprivileged areas and also apply this knowledge in my regular practice in teaching and clinical laboratory work.

Once again I would like to thank you for this award.

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