Alexander Gilmanov

I am pleased to inform how my Gallwas Membership has benefited me and my colleagues in professional duties in 2006.

a. As professor, lecturer in Laboratory Medicine and Chief of Laboratory Medicine Chair in Bashkir State Medical University (Ufa, RUSSIA), I always tried to share and continue sharing a lot of information I have learnt at AACC meetings, from the Clinical Chemistry and AACC site among laboratory doctors, medical technologists and medical students - first of all in our Republic of Bashkortostan (on training courses), as well as on regional and all-Russian symposiums and conferences. I also use AACC archive materials (presentations, references etc.) for preparing lectures in clinical chemistry and general pathology. I can note that general level of knowledge and skills of our clinical laboratory specialists really grew up last years, and I think that my AACC Membership and participation in AACC Meetings were among the reasons. It also led to sensible grow of my own scientific reputation… The situation in our country is now changing, and we must be closely acquainted to all modern achievements in clinical chemistry field. This is even more significant as National State Project for advancing primary health care service started in our country from 2006: more 4000 clinical laboratories in Russia have already got and will get modern equipment, and need to use it effectively.

b. Special thanks for printed variant and full text archive access of Clinical Chemistry as well as free books we have got this year from AACC (Clinical Chemistry, Laboratory Medicine). These books, being inaccessible otherwise, are now widely used by my colleagues and me. I am sure this action is very significant for many lab specialists.

c. As a special point of AACC membership, thanks to VSF and Gallwas Travel Grant, I consider the possibility to participate in 2006 AACC Annual Meeting and present the posters. I have really enjoyed with feeling myself implicated to Laboratory Medicine of the World Level: to listen / discuss the leaders in different fields of laboratory science and practice, to meet old and to get new friends, to visit the greatest Clinical Laboratory Exhibition. At present the participation in AACC Meetings is the only chance for me to keep in touch with up-to-date Laboratory Medicine, to see its achievements "by own eyes" and actively share this among my colleagues in Russia

It is my special pleasure and privilege - to be the Gallwas Member of AACC, to live together with the van of world laboratory medicine.

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