Agnes Ivanov

2006 was a very busy year for me and our laboratory. I began 2006 year as quality manager of United laboratories with goal to accredit a largest part of United laboratories. Due to the good work of quality management the largest part of clinical chemistry and immunology departments and all of microbiological and mucological tests were accredited according ISO 15189.

As head of clinical chemistry department my goal was to improve a new laboratory infological system to our laboratory. Several successive years of good work have allowed to evaluate a new program “e-labor”, which will connect to the digital medical history.

As a member of POCT division my goal was to introduce and evaluate the new automated blood gas system to the critical care department of Tartu University hospital. It was be very complicated time - a lot of training with doctors, nurses and technicians but also very interesting for me. I did two feedback studies from this evaluation and wrote the abstract, which I send to the CPOCT Division’s 21st International symposium in Quebec City. The committee has accepted my abstract “Evaluation of the 1st automatic system for blood gas analysis” for inclusion in the poster display in the meeting. But I didn’t have a possibility to participate this interesting meeting.

I want to thank of Jean G.Rhame who support me for participation in the Laboratory Automation conference: “Advanced Tools for Improving the Practice of medicine”, March 16-17, 2006-Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I want to thank of Roberta Sutherland from Young’s Effects Online. Our doctors are very happy for possibility to use this on-line database.

I want to thank all of the AACC.

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