Dr. Vanessa Steenkamp

2007 Young Investigator’s Award Winner:
Vanessa Steenkamp, Ph.D.

The Toxicology and Therapeutic Drug Management Division of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry is pleased to announce that Dr. Vanessa Steenkamp of the University of Pretoria has been selected as the 2007 Young Investigatory Award that is sponsored by UTAK Laboratories, Valencia, CA. Dr Vanessa Steenkamp obtained her BSc. degree in 1986 and her BSc.(Hons.) degree a year later in Zoology at Pretoria University. She completed her MSc. cum laude in Biochemistry on a study of the plasma progesterone-binding proteins in the Cape porcupine in 1991, while employed as a Junior Lecturer at the same University. She took up a position in the Department of Endocrinology at the South African Institute for Medical Research, now the National Health Laboratory Services in Johannesburg. She obtained a Higher Education Diploma cum laude from the University of South Africa. She was appointed Lecturer in the Department of Chemical Pathology and obtained her PhD in Toxicology. She returned to the University of Pretoria as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Urology in 2002 and was transferred to the Department of Pharmacology in 2004.

Her primary research interest is traditional remedies, a field of research, which is very relevant at present, due to the increased usage of herbals worldwide. She is the author or co-author of >40 internationally peer-reviewed papers. She has received numerous awards for her research both nationally and internationally, amongst which was the prestigious Friedel Sellschop award, formerly known as the University of the Witwatersrand Young Researcher in 2001 and Exceptional Young Researcher of the University of Pretoria in 2006. She is the President of the South African Association of Clinical Biochemists, Vice-President of the Toxicology Society of South Africa and a member of a number of organizations both National and International. She serves as reviewer for various journals as well as research proposals for the National Research Foundation.

Dr. Steenkamp joins the illustrious group of past winners of this award including

2006 - Loralie J. Langman, Ph.D.
2005 - William Clarke, Ph.D.
2004 - Gwen McMillin
2003 - Saeed Jortani

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