The AACC Proteomics and Metabolomics Division provides a forum for sharing knowledge, ideas, experience, and strategies for diagnostic applications of proteomic methods.  Proteomics is the field which strives to analyze the complete pattern of expression of proteins in an organism, tissue, cell type, organelle, or other compartment.  

Get the Monoclonal Antibodies You Need for Your Cancer Research
Deadline: July 11

Any lab that needs monoclonal antibodies for cancer-related protein targets can now submit reagent target requests to the National Cancer Institute's (NCI's) Antibody Characterization Program.

If your request is accepted, the Antibody Characterization Program will generate and characterize up to three monoclonal antibodies for each protein or peptide target you provide.

AACC encourages the laboratory medicine community to take advantage of this program as a valuable resource in the continuing effort to translate novel cancer biomarkers into clinical practice.

Learn more about the Antibody Characterization Program.

Submit a reagent request.

Bio-Rad Laboratories, in conjunction with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, is offering free SISCAPA training and QC kits. Only 200 available; first come, first served!

CLICK HERE for the SISCAPA training kit summary
CLICK HERE for the SISCAPA assay description 

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