From the Mind of the Chair

Dear Colleagues,

We need to talk! In the day and age of molecular medicine you may be asking yourself quite frequently, what is the standard for existing and new biomarkers? In an environment where new platforms are emerging almost every minute, the standards are becoming exponentially more complex. Thanks to Dr. Google and other “tweet technologies”, today’s world is flooded by a tsunami of information that leads many to a sea of uncertainty. Thus, let me be the first to thank our existing members and welcome new world experts to our division; these individuals have the responsibility to screen this data, set the standards and advocate for mothers and their children.

On that note, our division goal is to enhance the communication among members as well as to screen and provide constant and accurate information on up to date topics that matter most. In the current issue of our newsletter, you will find some of your answers in Dr. Nakamoto's life experience report on Tanner stage-based reference ranges, Dr. Hammond’s review of testosterone and Dr. Geaghan’s interview with a rising star, Dr. Ann Gronowski.

Finally, we hope to discuss these and many other issues with you at the International Congress of Pediatric Clinical Laboratory in Istanbul (June 20-22) and at the annual AACC meeting in Chicago (July 27-31). Make plans to join us at the Pediatric Reference Range Committee meeting and enjoy our mixer with the Translational Medicine and Laboratory IS and Medical Informatics divisions. As we move forward, we would like to hear your thoughts on rare diseases, biobanking and other initiatives that could enhance our experiences and processes. Please feel free to contact us anytime in person or electronically with your ideas and concerns.


David Carpentieri, M.D.

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