2013 AACC Annual Meeting


Once again, it is time for the AACC Annual Meeting. Here are some sessions of interest for members of the Pediatric and Fetal Maternal Division.

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Sunday July 28

Opening Plenary: Wallace H. Coulter lecture by C. Ronald Kahn, MD

“Deconvoluting the Metabolic Syndrome at a Molecular Level”
 AACC University:

Laboratory-Driven Testing Algorithms: A Strategy to Improve Ordering Accuracy, Efficiency, and Utilization

Monday July 29

Plenary: John Mastick, PhD, “Challenging the Dogma: A New View of the Genomic Programming of Human Development”

Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH): A Piece of the Infertility Puzzle

Diagnosis of Propionic and Methylmalonic Acidemias


Prenatal Testing of Maternal Plasma by Next Generation Sequencing: Is the Future Now?

Laboratory Challenges in Suspected Metabolic Disease: Newborn Screening and Beyond
Short courses/Interactive Workshops:

Old and New Limitations in Immunoassays: A Focus on hCG, TSH, and Patient Risk

State of the Art Serum Tumor Marker Testing for Women’s Cancers

Practical Approaches to Reference Interval Validation

Special Events:

Pediatric Maternal Fetal/Industry/Clinical Translational Science Divisions Joint Mixer and Abstract/Poster Awards

Tuesday July 30

Plenary: Bruce Hollis, PhD, and Jo Ann Manson, MD, DrPH, “The Vitamin D Debate: Is Enthusiasm Outpacing Evidence?”

Limitations in hCG Point-of-Care Testing

Role of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Pediatric Cancer Chemotherapy

Drug Abuse Among Children and Adolescents: Beyond Traditional Drugs of Abuse


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin: A Complex Molecule with Changing Clinical Roles

Use and Misuse of Troponin Assays in Adult and Pediatric Hospitals

Pediatric Reference Intervals: Challenges and Recent Advances
 Short courses/Interactive Workshops:

Utilization and Standardization of Laboratory Allergy Testing

Special Events:

Industry- AACC Pediatric and Maternal Fetal Division Dialogue on Advancing Pediatric Reference Intervals

Wednesday July 31

Plenary: Stuart Schreiber, PhD, “Patient-Based Therapeutics Discovery”

Utility of Allergen-Specific IgE Testing in Allergic Disease

Diagnosing Ectopic Pregnancy: Current Challenges and Future Prospects


The Hunt for Accurate Diagnosis of Celiac Disease

Update in Metabolic Diseases
Short Courses/Interactive Workshops:
Controversies in ANA and Celiac Disease Testing

Thursday August 1

Plenary: Jeffrey Gordon, MD, “Dining in with Trillions of Fascinating Friends”


Sepsis: Is It the Bug or Is It the Host?

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