From the Mind of the Chair

We are pleased to have a new issue of The Monitor to present to you in advance of the AACC Annual meeting in Houston, TX July 28-August 1.

A variety of features are included in this issue, including a reference interval corner highlighting obstetric practice changes impacting neonatal specimens in the lab ; excerpts from the literature; the next in our “ABC” didactic series, a piece on “R”-rickets; an enlightening interview with Greg Miller, past AACC Chair; this year’s Division award winners ; and upcoming meetings of interest.

We have a good variety of upcoming AACC Pediatric Maternal Fetal Division offerings at the Annual meeting in Houston, with dates and times provided to you in this issue.

Looking ahead, the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) World Lab meeting in Istanbul, Turkey is slated for 2014. Just preceding this meeting, the XIIIth International Congress of Paediatric Laboratory Medicine (ICPLM) is the triennial meeting of the Task Force on Paediatric Laboratory Medicine (TF-PLM), June 20-22, 2014. The focus of the ICPLM congress is to present a variety of themed symposia with the latest scientific and technological achievements in areas of paediatric clinical and diagnostic laboratory medicine. The meeting will take place immediately before the IFCC World Lab (which is scheduled for June 22-26, 2014). You can find more information about the Congress at:

Two of our PMF members, Sihe Wang and Sharon Geaghan, are currently working on the scientific program.

We continue to value the scope and import of questions and issues in pediatric and maternal-fetal laboratory medicine presented to our listserv by all of you. Some of these important queries do not have an evidence-based answer, and remain unanswered on our listserv. In this year, I would like to see our Division leadership take such issues and make contributions to our field in advancement of science. We have commitment to this mission and will look to our members as well, to continue to help define best practice for our profession of clinical laboratory science and its application to health care.

Best wishes for a fulfilling summer and do consider joining us in Houston for one of our PMF activities.

Sharie Geaghan M.D.

Chair, AACC Pediatric Maternal Fetal Division

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