Nutrition Division Purpose

The specific purpose of the Nutrition Division of the AACC is to improve the quality of patient care by encouraging the study, advancing the science, and enhancing the practice of nutritional clinical chemistry in all its aspects.


  • To provide leadership and resources in the area of nutrition assessment to the AACC.
  • To facilitate interaction of AACC members with common interests.
  • To promote growth of scientific knowledge of nutritional clinical chemistry to health-care professionals and the public through seminars, reports, conferences, publications and local, national and international meetings.
  • To evaluate assay methods and establish standards for reference materials, quality control and reference ranges in the field of nutritional clinical chemistry.

Members of any category in the AACC are eligible for membership in the Nutrition Division.

Activities and Benefits
AACC Annual Meeting

  • Symposia, lectures, workshops, and brown bags pertaining to nutrition and nutrition assessment sponsored by the Division.

Educational programs

  • National and regional programs sponsored by the Division are targeted at a variety of audiences including clinical laboratorians, physicians, and dietitians.

Nutrition Bites

  • The official newsletter of the Nutrition Division, Nutrition Bites is published three times a year.


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