September 2000
More Ways to Stay "Connected"
The Connectivity Industry Consortium
AACC Clinical Lab News 25 July Annual Meeting Issue

The Connectivity Industry Consortium (CIC), a group organized by the AACC Point-of-Care Testing Division and Agilent Laboratories headquartered at Agilent Technologies in Palo Alto, Calif. during the 1999 AACC Annual Meeting , is now formally up and running. Its goal is to enable connectivity of point-of-care instrumentation and to achieve interoperability with the electronic patient records. The group has 32 voting member companies and a goal of completing the project by February 2001.

At a recent Northern California section meeting, organized in concert with the AACC LISMI Division during the Toward an Electronic Patient Record Meeting in San Francisco, Dirk Boecker, PhD, and Jeff Perry, PhD of Agilent Technologies spoke on "Point-of-Care Connectivity: An Open Industry Consortium Approach". Perry's presentation gave a detailed time frame and a description of the up coming activities, including: a joint meeting with the POCT Division during the LISMI Division Annual meeting at noon July 24 and a meeting of the Consortium on July 27, both during the AACC Annual Meeting. There will also be a two-day meeting organized by the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry, which will take place September 15-16 on the "Electronic Medical Record and the Clinical Laboratory: Issues and Opportunities". This meeting will explore the connectivity issues that pertain to electronic patient record.

The California meeting is illustrative of the emerging joint efforts of the AACC Divisions and Local sections to bring to AACC members key topics in the coming era of electronic patient records. Collaborative efforts of this type are needed to establish visibility of the clinical laboratory with the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) segments of healthcare.

For more information on CIC: Contact Suzanne Cross at 908-704-3858; or consult the CIC website For information on the electronic medical records aspects of connectivity contact: Dr. Jay Jones at 570-271-6332;

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