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Poster Walk Report

The AACC divisions are piloting an initiative called “Poster Walk” in which small groups of division members will visit some of the posters at the annual meeting together with a volunteer who will select several of the most interesting abstracts and moderate a discussion of the findings. Our CDID Division was privileged to be part of this initiative and our “poster walk” was held on Tuesday July 30, 2013 from 4-5pm with Dr. Yan Zhang, our current division treasurer.

The idea was that the person who leads the “Poster Walk” chose several abstracts that he/she thinks are the most interesting and lead any members (limit to 10 for this initiative) who show up at the appointed time to these selected posters.   The person had to summarize the abstract and point out what were the major take-home points and encouraged questions and discussion among the group. Certainly if the presenter was there, introduced him/her and explained what they were doing.  

During our one-hour “Poster Walk”, we had four posters discussed with two award-winning posters (right, lower picture), and two other highly recognized posters that were revealed during our poster award review process (left).

We had good attendance and a great discussion was generated during this event. During the session, we received some very constructive comments and suggestions for this initiative which had been passed on to the Division Management Group leadership for consideration.

The “Poster Walk” is still in its infancy and most likely it will continue. The division management group plans to expand this idea next year and may need to have an RSVP mechanism.  Please keep this in mind when you prepare for your 2014 AACC meeting.

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