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Message From the Chair


By Steven R Binder

As the chair of the Clinical and Diagnostic Immunology Division for 2012-13, it is my pleasure to greet all the members of the division.  We have a number of interesting updates for you in this issue of ImmunoNotes and I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to read them.  If you wish to contribute to future issues, or if you have ideas for articles, please contact me directly.  You can send e-mails to any division officer via the CDID website by clicking on the Division Officers link.

Personalized Medicine

The AACC has recognized the importance of Personalized Medicine (PM) by the creation of a new division.  This division held its first mixer at the Houston 2013 AACC meeting, and there was a lively crowd.  While much of the focus with personalized medicine is with DNA assays, there are many examples of protein assays that directly guide patient care, including the PM’s “poster child” assay---Her2/Neu.

Recently the Commissioner of the FDA spoke about the importance of personalized medicine and announced the release of a new report. You can read her comments at this site:

2014 Elections

We recently distributed a ballot to all active CDID members, with our nominations for officers in the division, as well as some changes in the bylaws.  I hope you were able to vote in the election.  You should note that we have slightly modified the mission statement, which now reads like this:

The mission of the Clinical and Diagnostic Immunology Division is to encourage the study, advance the science, and. improve the practice of diagnostic immunology and the use of immunological techniques in clinical chemistry.

In support of this mission, we have organized an outstanding symposium for the 2014 AACC meeting, we are creating another certificate program, and we are working to increase our collaboration with other divisions and other groups who share our interests.  If you have ideas about how we can “advance the science” and “improve the practice”, please get in touch. 


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