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Meeting Report

In February 11-12, 2013, the AACC organized a meeting entitled “Molecular Biomarker Diagnostic Applications” with participation of CDID, along with Proteomics, Translational, and Molecular Pathology Divisions. Our chair--elect, Stan Naides, represented CDID on the organizing committee, along with current and former chairs Steve Binder and Gyorgy Abel.

This two day session was presented at the "Mass Spectrometry: Applications to the Clinical Lab" meeting in San Diego, CA. The goal of the session was to educate both AACC members, as well as Mass Spectrometrists in the Clinical Research field, about how a new biomarker achieves clinical acceptance and enters routine use.

Following a plenary speech, there were three sessions addressing the following topics:

Biomarkers Transitioned to IVD Devices
Approaches to Biomarker Discovery Paradigms
Science, Regulation and Funding

Steve Binder, chairperson of CDID, spoke on the topic “Effects of increased oversight on translation of biomarkers to clinical settings”. Another presentation on “Transitioning Proteomic Biomarkers to a Clinical Diagnostic” was delivered by Dan Chan, the winner of the CDID Joliff award in 2012.

Here are some comments from the organizer--Jim Ritchie.

"The conference was very well attended; we had quite a number of people there from AACC who otherwise would not have attended.  AACC was well represented and all knew that AACC was a co-sponsor. The jury is still out as to whether we’ll do this again next year but we are very pleased with this year’s results. I think we have staked out new ground for AACC as a leader in biomarker research." 

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