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International Symposium Review

Submitted by Jeff Dubois, Conference Chair

The 24th International Sympo - sium welcomed 253 attendees to Prague, making it the 3rd highest attended symposium ever behind the 350 Boston (2010) and the 308 in Barcelona (2008).

33 Countries were represented and those traveling the farthest distance came from New Zealand, Australia, and Japan.

The country with the highest rep - resentation was the US with 67 attendees followed by the Nether - lands with 39 attendees.

Regarding Abstracts/Posters, 90 were submitted, 82 accepted, and 74 displayed.

Awards/Best Abstracts

  1. Glucose meter performance criteria for moderate levels of glycemic control estimated by error simulation of modeling. Brad Karon, MD, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
  2. Rapid test quantum Blue® faecal calprotectin as pre - dictor of relapse in patients under maintenance treatment with Infliximab®. Manuel Otero Santiago, University of Santiago Hospital, Spain.

Conference Proceedings

There were 14 invited speakers plus 3 abstracts were selected for both oral and poster presentation. Continuing Medical Education and Accent Credits were provided. Conference Proceedings was organized into the 5 sessions shown in the table below.

Session Title Moderator
Session 1 Why are there differences in reported benefits and outcomes with tight glycemic protocols in critical care patients - A debate? Martha Lyon, PhD, Alberta Children's Hospital, CN
Session 2 Sources and Prevention of Errors in Point of Care Testing Robbert Slingerland, Isala Klinieken, The Netherlands
Session 3 Point-of-Care Testing Beyond the Hospital Ian Watson, PhD, Univ Hos - pital Aintree, Liverpool, UK
Session 4 Developing Effective Strategies to Achieve Quality POCT Results Linda Sandhaus, MD, Uni - versity Hospitals of Cleve - land, OH
Session 5 New Technologies in Point-of- Care Testing Larry Crolla, PhD, Alexian Brothers Medical Center, Elk Grove Village, IL


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