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CPOCT Award Nomination

Point of Care Coordinator of the Year Award

Nominations due by March 15, 2013

This award recognizes outstanding achievements in the POCT field by a person primarily responsible for an institution's POCT program and consists of a glass trophy, $500 cash and funding of up to $1,350 for travel and attendance expenses at the AACC annual meeting.

Criteria for Award:

  • The POCT Coordinator Award is given annually to recognize outstanding achievements in the POCT field by persons who are primarily responsible for a given institution's POCT program.
  • The award is not limited to persons or programs within the United States.
  • Selection is made by the Awards Committee of the AACC Critical and Point-of-Care Testing Division and is based on the extent of the nominee's responsibilities and accomplishments, particularly the impact this person has made in improving the quality of the POCT program at their facility.

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The CPOCT Lifetime Achievement Award for Directors of POCT

Nominations due by March 15, 2013

This newly created award is in honor of Herald Waldon Jr. and unded by Abbott Laboratories. The award includes $5,000 in cash and will be presented at the CPOCT Meeting and Mixer held at the AACC Annual Conference.

Criteria for Award:

  • A minimum of a 10 year record of distinguished service as a Point-of-Care Director (or industry innovator) which includes:
    • the design, evaluation and implementation of POC testing systems,
    • laboratory educational initiatives, and
    • insuring the overall quality of testing at the point-of-care.

This award is intended to recognize scientists and physicians with a clear track record of accomplishment in Point-of-Care testing.

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