POC Certificate Program Now Has 536 Graduates!

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The POC Specialist Certificate Program is an online distance learning program consisting of eight courses that document the knowledge and skills necessary for successful practice as a POC specialist and recognizes those individuals who demonstrate mastery of the content.

Banner ImageThe program is composed of eight courses which can be completed online in 1-2 hours each. They are:

  • Administration
  • Communication
  • Connectivity and Information Technology
  • Education and Training
  • Instrument Selection and Validation
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Quality Management
  • Regulations

Each course contains a lecture, required reading, and self-assessment and may include case studies, practical exercises, glossary, and resource materials. There are opportunities for interaction with faculty and other participants using the program’s dedicated listserv. You can earn continuing education credit for each course completed.

As of January 24, 2011, 669 individuals have participated in the program with 536 graduating!

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