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POCC to POCC Mentoring Program

 The AACC CPOCT supported POCC to POCC Mentoring Program has been successfully matching mentees requesting experienced volunteer mentors. Volunteer mentors move in and out of the program, but consistently since January 2009, there have been 45 – 50 volunteer mentors available for ‘best fit’ matching. The number of mentees varies with an average of 25 engaged in the program through the year.

In 2011 there were two International mentees matched with two volunteer mentors from the U.S.A. Peggy Mann has managed this voluntary mentoring program since inception and a pilot in 2008,but the program is self-governed the mentors under consensus guidelines.

Organizationally the program regroups each year in time prior to January; however, anyone interested in volunteering to mentor is encouraged to contact Peggy throughout the year as mentees come into the program throughout the year.

A HUGE THANKS to all previous and current volunteer POCC mentors who provided expert advice and leadership.

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