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Infection Control Highlights the 9th Annual CPOCT Forum

Preventing Occupational and Patient Cross Contamination at the Point-of-Care

This year’s Forum was for all healthcare professionals, including those who perform or manage point-of care testing, and are therefore critical to helping prevent the spread of infection to patients and coworkers.

The attendees at the 9th annual Point-of-Care (POC) Forum on July28th at the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) in Atlanta, Georgia, came with skeptical optimism of what they were about to hear. But they walked away excited not only with the guidelines and the rationale behind the guideline but also equipped with a proven practical application that they may adopt.

Attendees were eagerly taking notes and facial expression indicated their wow moments. Q’s & A’s were spirited, informative and stimulating. After colleagues from across the globe chatted during a scrumptious hot breakfast, Dr. Jeffery Dubois, chair of the Critical and Point-of-Care Testing (CPOCT) Division, welcomed the speakers and attendees to tempo Division’s special event. Ann Snyder thanked the sponsors and the speakers before Karen Jenkins formally introduced the three presenters and their topics.

  • Infection Control Plan: Preventing Infectious Disease Transmission During Blood Glucose Monitoring
    Nicola F. Thomason, PhD, and Melissa K. Schafer, MD, Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, CDC, Atlanta, GA
  • Infection Control Plan and Implementation at the POC Edith Burns, MS, ASCP(c) Johns HopkinsBayview Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

Visit for speaker slides.

Looking Ahead to the 2012 Forum...

The POC Forum is an educational event of nominal cost to participant’s asset is generously funded by sponsors. The event usually occurs the last day of the AACC meeting. The 2011 planning committee consisted of Monica Thomas, Richard Lebo, Edwina Szelag, Karen Jenkins, and Ann Snyder and was chaired by Audrey Gillette. They find planning for the Forum fun, satisfying and educational. This group has agreed to remain members with Audrey and Monica as Co-chair for the 2012 planning.

The 2012 annual AACC meeting will be in Los Angeles, California, July15 through July 19. In looking ahead to 2013 they are hoping that representative from the Houston area will step up to join them. Topics of interest as well as suggested speakers for 2012 are welcome. Please offer your time, any suggested topics, and any suggested speakers to one of the members:

  • Monica Thomas: LA, CA [ThomasM@CSHS.ORG]
  • Richard Lebo: SC []
  • Edwina Szelag: Emory Heath Care, FL
  • Ann Snyder: CMS, Baltimore, MD []
  • Audrey Gillette: Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD []
  • Karen Jenkins: Emory Health Care, Atlanta GA[]
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