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CPOCT Division Membership Survey Recap

Greetings to everyone from your past-chair. First and foremost let me express what a wonderful opportunity and experience it was for me to serve as chair of the Critical and Point of Care Testing Division for 2010. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with so many division members expressing so much passion for the field of critical and point of care testing. I hope to continue to see many of you regularly at AACC, CPOCT division, and other events.

One of my goals as chair in 2010 was to complete a membership survey to identify who our members are, what their interests are, and what forms and types of educational and other events you are interested in seeing the division sponsor. We completed on online membership survey last Fall and I am writing this column now to share the findings so that they can be used as a basis for division planning in the future.

The annual business meeting and POCC mentoring workshops also received support from a majority of respondents, so it appears that our members are happy with division-sponsored events that have occurred at the national meeting.

I sincerely hope that the membership survey we conducted will help division leadership and members plan for future events, activities and functions that will serve to further strengthen the division and encourage others who have not participated to join in division functions. We did discuss piloting one or two division-sponsored webinars in 2011, and it appears that there is great support for this among our membership.

Unfortunately we did not organize well for division sponsored symposia for the 2011 annual meeting, but I hope these survey results will motivate all of you to come prepared to Atlanta with symposium ideas for the 2012 meeting.

Also I hope that you all come to Atlanta armed with good ideas for future division-sponsored symposia and webinars to help us understand what topics you want to hear about.  

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve as CPOCT division chair in 2010.

Brad S. Karon MD, Ph.D.


Survey Summary 

​Surveys Completed 125​ 100%
Private Hospitals​ ​41 ​33%
Academic Hospitals​ ​42 ​33%
Diagnostic Companies​ ​20 ​18%
US Members​ ​100 ​80%
International Members​ ​25 ​20%

Educational Level

​BA/BS ​42 ​33%
​MS/MA 42​ ​33%
PhD or MD​ ​41 ​33%

Educational Events Attended in Last 12 Months

​Face-to-Face Meeting 89​ 75%​
​Online Webinar 88​ 75%​

Topics Requested

Medical/Scientific​ ​109 ​87%
​Regulatory ​80 ​64%
​Process Improvement ​68 54%​

 Events CPOCT Division Should Sponsor at AACC

​Symposiums ​108 ​86%
Educational Events​ 108​ ​86%
​POCC Forum ​101 ​81%
CPOCT Mixer/Reception​ 91​ ​73%

Other Types of Events CPOCT Division Should Sponsor

Online Webinars​ 94​ 75%​
Online Certificate Programs​ ​85 ​68%
​Regional Face-to-Face ​85 68%​
International Symposium​ 64​ ​51%
​Workshops 64​ 51%​
Mentoring Programs​ ​63 ​51%

Value of CPOCT Division Sponsored Activities Ranking

​1 Annual Meeting Sessions​
​2 ​POCC Forum
​3 POCT Certificate Program​
​4 ​POCC Mentoring Program
​5 ​International Symposium
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