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Brad S. Karon, MD, PhD
Mayo Clinic
Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

It’s official...the 2010 AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center is the largest ever.

With more than 1,900 booths, 650 companies exhibiting and 18,000 people attending, from July 24-30, Anaheim, CA was the place to be for thousands of laboratorians, IVD manufacturers, and others involved in clinical laboratory testing.

In this issue of Critical Points we’ll review some of the events and point you to places on the CPOCT website where those of you that could not attend, can listen and view programs.  For those of you that made it to some of our division events during the meeting, I asked you for ideas for division-sponsored symposiums for the 2011 Annual Meeting and division-sponsored webinars.  We also discussed ideas for one (or possibly two) international meetings in 2012. I was thrilled with the amount of feedback I received, and left Anaheim very excited and energized about the year ahead for our division.

Although I did get a chance to speak to many of you in Anaheim, here are two reminders for those of you that either couldn’t make it or had too many other things on your mind during the meeting.  Proposals for educational sessions for the 2011 Annual Meeting are due September 28, 2010.  Each division was asked to identify at least two hot topics and use these to develop ideas for educational sessions for the 2011 Annual Meeting.  Many of you responded already with your ideas, but if you have ideas for an educational session related to point of care testing and would like to seek CPOCT division endorsement for your proposal, please let me know as soon as possible.

We will also be holding elections for division offices for 2011.  This Fall we will elect a chair-elect, Treasurer, 2 At-Large members of the executive committee, and 2 members of the nominating committee. 

Other than chair-elect, all officers serve a 2 year term though time commitment is minimal.  The chair-elect serves one year as an “understudy” to the chair, then would become chair of CPOCT in 2012 and past chair in 2013.

The executive committee meets 1-2 times per year by phone and has one face to face meeting at the Annual Meeting each year.  For this minimal time commitment you will be able to influence the direction the division takes and contribute to educational programs, certificates, and other events and activities sponsored by the division. 

If you have attended division events in the past and found them rewarding, or if you have attended division events and thought “if only they would consider covering this topic or point of view”, now is your time to make your mark on our profession and our division. 
The only requirements for division officers are that they be active members of both AACC and the CPOCT division.  By the time this newsletter is printed the nomination link should be posted on our division website; please consider nominating yourself or someone else you think would bring fresh ideas to CPOCT. 

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