CPOCT Call for Nominations 2011 Officers

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The CPOCT Nominating Committee is inviting nominations for the following positions to begin service on January 1, 2011. 

If you would like to be considered for any of the positions listed below or would like to nominate someone to serve, please send an email to education@aacc.org by Oct. 1! 

For information on job responsibilities refer to the CPOCT bylaws

Chair-elect (1 year term)

  • Preside at meetings in the absence of the Chair.
  • Serve as Chairman of the Program Committee.
  • Accede to position of Chair as defined in these Bylaws.
  • 1 year term followed by one year as chair and one year as past chair

Treasurer (2 year term)

  • Maintain accurate and current records of all credits, debits, and balances.
  • Present a financial report of receipts, disbursements, and current balances at Executive Committee meetings and Business meetings of the Division.
  • Prepare with the Chair annual budget proposals.
  • Prepare with the Chair-elect and Program Committee budgets for Division meetings and events.

2 Members-At-Large (2 year term)

  • Provide input to the Executive Committee about the interests and opinions of the membership.
  • Gain experience in Division administrative matters in order to qualify for future leadership roles.

2 Nominating Committee Members (2 year term)

  • Consists of the Past Chair and four elected members
  • Two of which will be elected in alternate years for two-year terms.
  • No member of this committee shall serve more than two consecutive terms.


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