DACC Certificate of Recognition Recipients

Recognition Award for Meritorious Contributions to the DACC

In Honor of Meritorious Service, Dedication, and Contributions to the AACC Division of Animal Clinical Chemistry (DACC) for Enhancing and Advancing the Practice and Profession of Animal Clinical Laboratory Medicine.

Nominations may be submitted by any DACC member or group of members. This recognition is not necessarily an annual award, but is discretionary for recognizing certain person(s) who stand out in their service, educational effort, and other attributes which have contributed to the growth and development of the organization and profession. Submit to DACC Awards Committee Chair a letter citing information supporting the nomination. Candidates should be, or have been, associated with the Division of Animal Clinical Chemistry.

Joseph F. Dooley
Edith R. Williams
Patricia L. Carthage
Rosemary C.

Barbara M. Parzych
Pfizer Inc.
Groton, CT

Diane C. Rhodes
GlaxoSmithKline (Ret.)
King of Prussia, PA

Robert E. Emmons
AACC/DACC Emeritus
Rochester, NY

James A. Gerber
Pfizer, Inc.

, CT

Joseph F. Dooley

AACC/DACC Emeritus,

BioTechnology Associates, Inc
East Lyme, CT

Royden N. Rand
AACC Past-President
AACC/DACC Emeritus
Rochester, NY

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