How to Get Involved in AACC

AACC offers members the opportunity to get involved in Association activities at many different levels. Whether it is at your local level, in your area of scientific specialty or at the national level, there is a whole host of ways to participate and make a difference. See below for a complete listing:

Local Sections

AACC has 22 Local Sections made up ofNorth Americanbased members. To participate at the local level, attend and network at local section meetings in your area, volunteer as a Section Officer; or develop programming for your Local Section.


Join colleagues in any of AACC's scientific Divisions in your specialized area of Clinical Laboratory Medicine. Division Membership includes access to Division newsletters, website, listserves, educational activities, awards and grants programs as well as providing a rich opportunity to enhance your professional contacts and leadership opportunities. There is no limit to the number of Division members may join.

Volunteer at the Annual Meeting

Volunteer at the Annual Meeting and get FREE registration. Preference is given to AACC Members. All volunteers must be assigned to at least 2 half-day sessions or the Friday morning bag stuffing to receive a complimentary registration. Please check the Annual Meeting Web site for additional information. The Volunteer sign up period begins in November of the year before the meeting.

ACCENT Reviewer

An ACCENT reviewer is an AACC member who reviews applications submitted for ACCENT credit. This person ensures that the program described in the application meets the criteria for to be accredited for ACCENT credit. To volunteer to be an ACCENT reviewer, individuals can contact the ACCENT Education Coordinator.

Committee Opportunities

Several Committees offer opportunities for involvement. To serve on a Committee you must be a Full Member of the AACC. Committee appointments are made by the President and generally come after involvement at other levels of the association.

List Serv Discussions

Participate in any of AACC's 15 specialized Listservs. Listservs are an easy way to exchange ideas, discuss issues or network online.

Nominate a Colleague to win an AACC Award

Nominating a colleague for one of AACC's many awards provides an opportunity to recognize the outstanding achievements made by a specific individual in a particular area. Any AACC member or group of members, such as a local section, division, or committee, may submit nominations for an award. Nominations will also be considered from nonmember individuals and organizations.

Contribute to the Directed Donations Program

The Directed Donations Program is AACC's philanthropic program; its purpose is to encourage and support deserving clinical laboratory scientists and students throughout the world. Funded through donations from hundreds of individuals and corporations who share a passion for and a belief in clinical laboratory science, the Foundation seeks to improve healthcare worldwide through a variety of grants and awards made each year.

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