1997 Comment Letters

Below is a listing of AACC's most recent comment letters. If you have questions regarding AACC's positions, please contact AACC Government Affairs at (800) 892-1400.

11/04/97 AACC comments on OIG proposed rule regarding fraud and abuse revisions.
11/04/97 AACC writes to key congressional representatives opposing legislation, which would require laboratories to fund annual federal audits of their operations.
10/29/97 AACC writes to HCFA expressing concerns regarding the use of CLIA surveyors as auditors.
10/28/97 AACC submits comments regarding HCFA’s CLIA fee increase proposal.
10/28/97 AACC submits comments to the OIG regarding its model compliance plan for clinical laboratories.
09/19/97 AACC testifies before the FDA Immunology Devices Panel of the Medical Devices Advisory Committee.
09/17/97 AACC writes to Senator Olympia Snowe endorsing her legislation, S.89, the Genetic Information Discrimination in Health Insurance Act of 1997.
09/04/97 Joint letter to New York State Senate Majority Leader endorsing legislation that would repeal the 8.18 percent surcharge on laboratory services.
09/02/97 Joint letter to every member of the House of Representatives and Senate opposing legislation exempting physician office laboratories from CLIA 88.
08/26/97 AACC wrote to Rep. Louise Slaughter endorsing her legislation, H.R.306, the Genetic Information Discrimination in Health Insurance Act.
07/16/97 AACC wrote to HHS recommending that the Agency ensure that embryology laboratories comply with the CLIA standards.
06/12/97 AACC’s comments on proposed legislation affecting regulation federal information.
04/25/97 AACC’s comments to the FDA regarding its proposed Essential Prescribing Information (EPI) initiative.
04/25/97 AACC’s comments on FDA’s draft document listing review criteria for assesing portable blood glucose monitoring devices.
03/26/97 Joint letter endorsing H.R.15, the Medicare Preventive Benefit Improvement Act of 1997.
03/10/97 AACC's comments on NIH Task Force on Genetic Testing's recommendations.
03/03/97 AACC's comments to the OIG regarding the creation of additional safe harbor categories.
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